Mega Perintis Group is one of the most iconic fashion companies in Indonesia focusing on men’s fashion. There are a few subsidiaries under the group’s flag. The first, Mega Perintis, conducts retail business. The second, Mega Putra Garment, focuses on manufacturing. Meanwhile the third company, Mitrelindo Global, conducts retail businesses for international brands such as Nike. Currently there are approximately 1,200 employees working and collaborating as parts of The Winning Team at Mega Perintis.

The dynamics of the challenging fashion industry empowers Mega Perintis Group to put forward the human development as its core strategy. At Mega Perintis, we believe that humans are assets and the main factor in benchmarking the success of the company. Therefore, we always maintain long-term and mutual relationships to nurture bonding and esprit de corps between the company and the employees to realize a sustainable welfare improvement.

We believe that humans are educated people with extraordinary competence and potentials. Therefore, Mega Perintis is committed to develop training programs to enhance the quality of The Winning Team so that the members may develop their qualities and make significant contributions to the company. The training and development programs are designed to develop both technical skills and soft skill comprehensively in line with the company values ‘SPIRIT’. These efforts are taken to create a Winning Team capable of balancing knowledge, experience, competence, and characters in line with the company values of Mega Perintis Group. The training programs are derived from the philosophy of “Leader as Mentor”. With this philosophy, the management team of Mega Perintis Group is also involved in providing guidance and direct assistance.

Our Vision

To Be A Leading And Valuable Fashion Retailer In Indonesia

Our Mission

To Make Everyone Enjoy The Different Feel Of Fashion

Our Values

Key Persons